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The Copywriting Traffic & 
Conversion Maximizer
Keyword Traffic Booster 
Increase your potential search volume by adding top volume keywords every step of the way. 

Your traffic increases when we add numerous relevant keywords in creative ways to ensure you get as much exposure as possible.
The Hook
The Hook is a writing device that pulls the reader in and makes him want to keep reading.

Our approach to this handles the #1 pain point of every Amazon buyer. 

The first problem EVERY Amazon buyer has when shopping on Amazon - Which one to buy? (The answer is: YOURS!)
The "Slap Your Competitors in the Face" Method
This is maybe the most important sales copy on your Amazon listing and is MISSING from most listings out there right now.

Working in conjunction with the Hook, your competitors' weaknesses become YOUR strengths. This is your secret weapon.
The "Tell Me Why I Care" Treatment
Highlighting benefits, not just features, we help your customers to understand how your product features will make their life better.

Every step of the way, your sales copy should be personal and relevant to your customer, not just a list of product specs!
Chaos to Calm
We craft the shopper's journey from their current problem (chaos) toward envisioning how wonderful their life will be with your product (calm).

Invoking emotion, painting a picture and communicating understanding and empathy are what really speak to your customers in your copy.
Emotion & Logic
Customers buy on emotion & justify with logic. 

When your listing is filled with features and specs, you are trying to sell them on logic, before you've got their emotion.

We provide BOTH to make their decision an easy one.
A Brand with a Mission
In order to invoke your customer's passion, loyalty & trust, you've got to be more than a product, more than a listing - you must be a brand with a purpose.

Your customers have strong beliefs and stand for something, and they're dying to give their money to like-minded brands. Be a brand that stands for something. 
NEW! Selling on the Skim
In this sound byte world of short attention spans, it's harder and harder to get some to read. 

We've taken this into account and utilize techniques to get your buyers to read your most important sales copy, even if they're notorious "skimmers".

Your copy stands out and draws your customers in, creating the effect your looking for.
NEW! Mirroring for Mobile
As mobile is fast becoming the place where many sales originate or are made, it becomes more & more important to optimize for mobile.

But Amazon's mobile layout defers greatly from the desktop version.

Our methods take this layout into account to ensure that your best, highest-converting copy is front & center on your mobile listing. 
Our Amazon Listing Copywriting Primer:
The How & Why Behind Great Copy
Along with Your Personal, Customized, Keyword-Rich & High-Converting Listing Copy, You will get a Point by Point Guide to WHY we Do what we do and Why it works.

This is extremely important in developing your skills as an amazon Badass. 

Rather than JUST do it for you and keep our secrets to ourselves, we believe that you should know what is behind the magic of copywriting.

This will give you a greater insight into how to effectively craft sales copy on your amazon listings and beyond. 

This is invaluable for you as a professional amazon seller.
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