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In the first 30 days I was able to 10X my online income just by simple steps..
Who is Badass Business Builders?
Chelsea & Ari Cohen
Ari & Chelsea Cohen are Co-Founders and Owners of Tenacious Ventures LLC and its subsidiaries and are most known for their popular kitchen line and for their work in the Amazon physical products community.

In another life, Ari was a business consultant for the automotive repair industry, helping hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and Canada to increase efficiency, productivity and profits.

Chelsea Cohen spent 4 years as an account executive at a business and financial management company, managing her own roster of clients in the arts and entertainment field in Los Angeles, CA guiding industry professionals to save money on taxes and fees and to build sound foundations for increasing wealth.

After years helping others to make and keep profits, the couple has stepped out on their own to build their successful eCommerce business, now working full-time as entrepreneurs and coaching others along the same path.

They were recently featured on Ryan Moran's Freedom Fastlane TV and can often be found coaching and consulting within his community of entrepreneurs.
How We Became Badass
In May of 2014, while desperately looking for an affordable start-up business, we ran across Amazing Selling Machine. We didn't know much, but we knew a friend with no prior experience making $60,000 per month selling on Amazon. If she could do it, we could do it! We scraped the money together and started immediately. 

Within 7 weeks of starting the course, we launched our first product on Amazon! In our first 30 days of selling this one product we sold $10,000 in revenue, which more than paid for all our start-up costs!

The next month we sold $25,000, then $35,000! That Christmas, with only 2 products we did over $50,000. 

From our first official sale on July 27th, it took us only 3 months to completely replace our household income! It was incredible! 

On March 1st, 2015, just 7 months later, we were doing so well that we both quit our day jobs. We've never looked back.

In 2016, less than 2 1/2 years from our first sale, we built our business to over $1M per year.
We travel almost every month, spend more time with our family, and do the things we had always wanted to but couldn't because the time and money just weren't there before.

We have also made countless priceless life-long friendships with other ASM members and with the leadership of Amazing. 

We even help others launch and build their own businesses through coaching and consulting. We are literally living our dream lives. 

It's not easy. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme. You must want a real business and you must work hard at it. But you probably already work hard at the job that you hate. 

Imagine what you could accomplish if you put this same energy, time and focus on your own business?

Shouldn't you have the life that you want today instead of building it for someone else?

We think so.
"Value nugget droppers. That is what I have to say about Chelsea and Ari. 

We have been in a mastermind together for the last year and every time we talk I learn something that has either saved me thousands or earned me thousands."                                   
- Travis Z.
"The Cohens are very generous people who believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and giving back to like minded people. We've known them for 1.5 years now and they have always been supportive friends and mentors. 

A single suggestion they made to tweak how we presented a product on our Amazon listing led to doubling our conversion rate. Literally a 5 minute change netted us thousands! 

These guys know what they're doing: how to brand, communicate to prospective customers, select products, convert on Amazon and drive traffic to landing pages. "    

- Andy S. & Erin T.
"Ari and Chelsea have helped me immensely in coaching, training and all round answering questions when it comes to my Amazon business and being an entrepreneur in general. 

Whenever I have been stuck in the last few years they have been willing to help and always have. With their extensive knowledge they have been able to help me many times and debug me at various stages in the game.

I've really appreciated the care and willingness and quick response I've always had from both of them! They are the best people I could have chosen to sign me up for ASM! "   
- Jenny B.
"Ari and Chelsea have helped me quite a bit over the past couple of years with every aspect of my Amazon business. They are both always so willing to help and the advice they give is spot on. When they work with you, you can see that they love helping. 

Recently they took the time out to help me with a new product that I'm selling. They gave me great tips on my pictures, bullet points and keywords. I'm really grateful to have them as mentors!"      

- Kim F.
"Many years ago, I met with Ari and Chelsea when ASM 5 was coming out.... I was very unhappy working for someone else, making just an hourly rate. I wanted to do more with my life and have more control over my life. 

They took the time to meet with Alex and I and give us the low down on what this business is all about and what it actually takes to make it. I decided then and there to do it! 

It has been a wonderful experience so far. It takes a lot of work and dedication but is so fun at the same time. I have since then quit my job and I now work for myself! The opportunities are ENDLESS in this business.

Ari and Chelsea have been there for us the WHOLE way and are always so willing to help. We love helping them too and is very rewarding to have people in your life like them! 

When I first started this business, they believed in me... and that gave me strength to believe in myself too. I wouldn't be in the position I'm in today if it weren't for them.

Thank you Ari and Chelsea for all your compassion, support and for leading the way! "                                            
- Jackie C.
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